EcoCool fabric is treated with advanced sustainable technology from US which can reduce the persistence of textile accumulation in landfills.

This technology is a sustainable textiles ingredient in the form of an additive that is combined with polyester and Nylon during melt extrusion at the very begining of the fibre-making process. It creates countless Biodegradable spots where microbes that naturally exist in certain environments can break down the materials just like they do with natural fibres.

This technology enables activation of Biomimetic Biodegradation Process in specific conditions.


Data shows Biodegradation rate and extent of EcoCool treated Polyester fabric vs untreated fabric in three environments where textiles are prolific pollutants

Condition Duration EcoCool Fabric
Soil 742 days 88%
Sea Water 844 days 92%
Landfill 1244 days 91%
  • The products made with EcoCool fabric has a normal garment life
  • It is as comfortable as a premium polyester garment with moisture management.
  • No activation during garment use or care.

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