Solid Tips for Choosing the Right Customised Corporate Polo T-Shirt for Your Logo Branding

The customised corporate polo t- shirt might be portrayed as being connected with that sporty, stylish style because it is frequently worn by tennis and golf players. Consider who will wear the shirt, the setting in which it will be worn, and the brand identity you want to build before buying embroidered polo shirts for your company.

1.Fabric Type 

The first Customised Corporate Polo T-Shirts were made of cotton, but modern versions come in a wider range of fabric choices. These include fabrics composed entirely of polyester and cotton mixes. Cotton is a soft, high-quality fabric that breathes well, while blends are recognized for their ability to resist wrinkles.

Cotton can frequently shrink readily and may not be as durable as other materials, whereas blends are less prone. Versions made of polyester are renowned for their durability and capacity to wick away moisture, particularly after numerous pieces of washing.

2 .Logo & Palette

In terms of Pantones, brand guidelines provide precise colors for logos. Although color blocking is occasionally common, polo shirts are typically one color. Consider how the logo will look on a plain shirt instead of one with two or more colors, as the latter will make the logo pop out more. When working with your decorator, choose embroidery and thread colors that are the closest match to your logo.

Only putting a Pantone book up to the embroidered logo would reveal a minor variation, but who carries around a Pantone book? Also, remember that the logo’s colors may appear differently based on the ambient lighting.

3.Performance Qualities

Polo shirts can be made using fabric processes that give multi-performance features useful in particular contexts. A cotton and poly microfibre mix fabric is a fantastic example because it provides for more flexible and mobile clothing.

Are your employees required to wear clothing that keeps them cool and dry when working outside? Your shirts can stay dry and stop the growth of microbes that cause odors by having features like moisture-wicking capabilities and anti-odor technology. Consider the setting your shirts will be in and the ideal performance your organization’s members may expect before outfitting your business.


It’s crucial to think about the kind of decoration alternatives that are most appropriate for your shirt when customizing the polo shirts for your business. Work with your decorator to select the best solutions, whether embroidery, screen printing, or direct-to-garment printing.

Choose Brij

Purchasing personalized corporate polo for shirts, work uniforms, and work wear in a cutthroat industry delivers a promotional benefit. This is essential for a brand’s survival in the crowded corporate market of today. There are many different ways to adorn a polo shirt. However, traditional embroidered polo shirts often have logo decorations on the left breast. Try to look beyond the t-shirt box and consider the many possibilities accessible, whether it’s the typical classic decoration or something more stylish.

Brij is an expert in realizing the company’s vision and fostering identities through tailored clothing alternatives. Get in touch with us immediately to learn more about what we can do for your company.

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