workwear & uniforms
Workwear & Uniform

Why You Need Invest In Customized Workwear & Uniform for Your Brand?

Many brands don’t realize the benefit of introducing Workwear & Uniform. Whether you want a uniform to increase efficiency and profits or just for the sake of looking professional, custom work wear can help you save money and increase productivity. Below we highlight four reasons why investing in a customization specialist like Brij for your workwear & uniform need…

Brand Merchandising Caps
Brand Merchandising Caps

Why Brand Merchandising Caps are Great Marketing Tools at Events

Brand Merchandising Caps can start spontaneous discussions that lead to fantastic marketing and branding possibilities without having to force the offer. Even if the individual wearing your cap is an introvert, the artwork, wording, and overall appearance will serve as a business card. Brand Merchandising Caps are an excellent promotional tool for a variety of reasons. Difficult…


Custom Printed Safety Vests and Tees

If you have an organization with employees performing duties that can sometimes be considered hazardous you know the importance of high visibility safety apparel. In fact, since there are many laws governing the health and safety of employees, you may have a bigger need for safety wear than ever before. Since OSHA requires employers to…



Unlike ready-made clothing, your custom clothes won’t surprise you with a sudden rip or busted seam right when you’re about to head out. Custom made garments are a great long-term investment that will last you for years to come. Even though the initial price of them may seem high, if you calculate how many wears…