Cracking the code of perfect fit for Polo shirts

If you are one of those hustlers who give zero damn amount trends or a purist who likes to keep it safe in terms of your personalized style, a classic polo shirt from the Manufacturers of Customised Corporate Polo T-Shirts is your best bet. Reasons are aplenty to buy polo shirts. From being ideal wear that blends casual and formal looks to the sheer comfort power they pack in, a polo shirt is sure to find space in your wardrobe.

But it has also earned notoriety as people struggle to get the perfect fit for their polo shirts. No worries though! We are going to tell you what to look for in your Polo shirts to get the desired fit the next time:

Here are the six criteria you need to double check on for your polo shirts:

  • Settle for nothing but a discreet cutaway collar.
  • The length must not go any lower than your hips. It should be on the level of your hips
  • The width may increase as per the body shape but you need to strike a balance anyway
  • The side vents must have subtle appeal and should combine aesthetics and functionality.
  • The material must be of high-quality pique fabric which has softness, elasticity, and stability.
  • The button placket should be seamless.

How you can up your polo shirts game

  • Cut the chase at the cutaway collar- As discussed earlier, the collar is the heart and soul of a polo shirt. Hence the Manufacturers of Customised Corporate Polo T Shirts get you the right design for the collar. What adds to the confusion is the fact that there are many varieties of colors like straight, button-down, spread, cutaway, Picadilly, club, or snap tab. Besides, the collar of the readymade polo shirts comes in hideous design patterns to look different but end up as inelegant instead. Therefore, the discreet cutaway collar is the way to go for a timeless and minimalist look.
  • The right length- One of the nagging aspects of many apparels is that the design is based on the width of the outerwear. Little do we realize that the length has an equal part to play in the final look of your polo shirts. Therefore, do not choose a polo shirt that drops down the hips. When in doubt, you are better off ordering a polo shirt from the Manufacturers of Customised Corporate Polo T-Shirts as they can deliver a polo shirt exactly the way you measure up.
  • Side vents- Not many people give much attention to the side vents. But this underrated feature does have a say on your final look. The side vents are not for the sporty look alone, they ensure maximum freedom of movement. At the same time, you need to avoid deep side vents that have a larger back. Choose the subtle vents instead as the functionality and aesthetics of a classic polo shirt.

Since 1957, Brij Customized Merchandising Solutions has been at the forefront of delivering high quality, customized Manufacturers of Customised Corporate Polo T Shirts along with a range of different merchandise based on demand and preferences. We are your one-stop destination for customized merchandise essentials and daily wear.

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